Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Day 5

Well I didn't make it down to the shop yet again. Mr Man that was delivering our till and sundry other fitments couldn't make it after all. So instead I totally scrambled my brain by staying at home and wrestling with HMRC online; registering for tax, National Insurance and VAT. Ouch!!!
Despite no photos for you yet again, it was a very productive day behind the scenes. I'm sure you don't want to see pictures of our insurance certificate but that's now sorted. Likewise a floor cleaner is booked for tomorrow, we have reserved a table and chairs for workshops and we have a couple more reps coming to visit us. The other half of our money is now in place and our first haby order has been paid for so should now be on its way to us. Yay!!!
It is all coming together gradually and magically we are making savings along the way. People are so generous - my mum has given us her PC as she's just had a new lap top. A big saving for our budget. Friends have showered us with offers of help, furniture and any other items they have that they think we might need. It's fantastic that we know so many lovely people.
Tomorrow I will definitely have photos for you. Sandra's hubbie has been slaving away on the woodwork for 2 days and we have to go and meet our bank lady at the shop in the morning, so we'll see all the progress he's made. Can't wait.
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