Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 4

Only a quickie post today as it's been a weird one.  Sandra's OH has been hard at work all day today - sanding and filling and priming.  He's our resident sign writer and utter perfectionist so the outside of the shop will be pristine.  He's making everything ready for when our lovely vinyl sign is ready for installation.  The front of the shop will be fabuous.  Can't wait.

However, after making such leaps of progress every day last week today was a bit of a surprise.  Both Sandra and I felt we weren't getting anywhere or achieving anything.  Emulsioning the walls was very much a case of 'all hands on deck' but now it comes to the woodwork and you can't have one person painting while another is sanding - messy!!  So in terms of work in the shop we had ground to a halt.

Instead we decided to visit Simon - Sandra's brother and a graphic designer - to sort out the shop logo and order some postcards and other publicity material.  Yay!  We could finally tick something of our HUGE list.

Suitably fired up we went back to my house for a celebratory coffee and, mugs in hand, proceeded to sort out phone and internet supply.  Hooray.  Something else sorted out.

Sandra headed back to the shop at lunchtime to finish off the kitchen area.  You can see pictures on our Facebook page here.  I stayed at home hugging the computer and trying to place a rather lengthy order on a very slow website.  Hmmm...  Need to rethink that one.  Tomorrow I may borrow OH's Macbook and see if that improves the speed of things.  Otherwise Sandra and I may be taking a trip to Brizzle later in the week.

In the latter part of the afternoon a whole raft of appointments with reps from varying suppliers were set up for later in the week and suddnely the day didn't seem quite so fruitless as it had started out.

We did also do a little bit of work yesterday (as some of you may have seen from my Facebook page).  We have been glued to our eBay accounts watching verious items of furniture for the shop.  Yesterday we "won" a fabulous sofa for the front of the shop and a workshop table and chairs are looking quite promising too.  I just can't wait to start to collect all these bits and pieces together and start to actually organise the shop layout. 

Sorry it's a bit short on photos today.  Tomorrow the battery will be charged on my camera and I'll take some less grainy shots with the aid of that revolutionary gizmo - the flash!  My iPod doesn't seem to have one.  :-)


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