Monday, 13 February 2012

New Baby is Born

Well ladies and gentlemen.  First there was The Sewing Shop - a stitchy, knitty, hooky haven in the centre of picturesque Lichfield.  And now - for those of you who don't live nearby or for those cold, snowed-in days when you can't get to visit in person - there is The Sewing Shop Online!!  Yay!!

Please pop over and have a look by clicking on the link above.  For now there is lots of information about what we do and what we sell, and very soon there will be more lovely photos and online shopping so you can make mail order purchases and receive a little bit of The Sewing Shop delivered to your door.

We can already take orders over the phone if you wish to pay by card and they will be posted out to you the same day.

There is a new blog attached to the website which we will be using from now on, so this one will go on hold.  Please follow the link to the new one and follow our news and exploits there.

Right.  I'm off to take some new photos of the shop.


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